Modular packaging machines from SOMIC

End-of-line packaging solutions based on a modular system

With modular packaging machines from SOMIC you can implement individual, independent packaging sequences on a single packaging line. This packaging system structure is particularly suitable if you wish to produce two types of packaging in a single cycle, for example, in order to optimise the efficiency of your packaging processes.

A number of modules are available for your SOMIC packaging machine depending on your preferences and requirements:

  • Case erector
  • Insertion packer
  • Box coverer
  • Closing machine

Case erector

Case erector SOMIC 424 KA​​​​​​​

Closing machine

for closing wrap-around cases and folded boxes

Closing machine SOMIC 424 VM

Modular packaging machines ·
The product spectrum

The SOMIC product spectrum of modular packaging machines comprises turnkey end-of-line packaging technology. Each machine is created from our mechatronic modular system. This gives you maximum flexibility for a diverse range of product and case models for the food and non-food sectors and also enables you to maximise the performance of your entire packaging line.

Why not design a customised solution for your end-of-line packaging technology with us?