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Manufacturers in the confectionery industry continually navigate challenges such as new product introductions, environmentally friendly packaging solutions, and evolving consumer preferences. SOMIC addresses these needs with modular and sustainable packaging machines designed specifically for confectionery, chocolate, and snacks. Our customized packaging solutions are crafted to meet the industry's highest standards of efficiency, versatility, and quality, ensuring that manufacturers can adapt and thrive in a dynamic market environment.


As a specialist in end-of-line packaging machines, SOMIC delivers modular packaging solutions that meet your specific requirements exactly. Our packaging machines offer manufacturers of confectionery, candy, chocolate and snacks the ideal solutions for the final packaging of their products.

Confectionery, chocolate & snacks: modular end-of-line packaging machines for a wide range of products

We know the requirements of the confectionery industry. For 50 years, SOMIC has stood for individual and efficient packaging machines at the highest technical level. Our end-of-line packaging for confectionery, chocolate and snacks not only protects against external influences, but also ensures safe transportation, a long shelf life and an appealing presentation of your products at retail - and this increases your recognition value and competitiveness.

Whether you need trays, bags, or boxes, our packaging machines offer quick format changes between various packaging types and formats due to their modular design. This flexibility enables rapid responses to market changes and customer demands, ensuring your products are showcased attractively at the point of sale.

SOMIC packaging solutions for sustainable packaging of confectionery, chocolate bars, and snacks feature advanced control technology. This technology optimizes material usage and enhances energy efficiency, supporting environmentally friendly practices. Our latest machine generation, the SOMIC 434, enhances accessibility and achieves maximum automation during format changes, reducing changeover times by up to 70%. We specialize in custom secondary packaging concepts tailored to your specific needs and operational envrionment.

Your advantages

  • Eye-catching secondary packaging for secure transportation and appealing display at the POS
  • Space-saving with our compact machine design
  • High adaptability with our modular solutions
  • Rapid format changeover with SOMIC QuickChange technology and maximum automation
  • User-friendly and intuitive operation
  • Sustainable and long-life machines
  • Competent service

Your pre-packed products

  • Flat bags and stand-up pouches
  • Folding boxes
  • Tins, cups and trays
  • Blister packs and thermoformed packaging
  • Sheets and boxes
  • Bars
  • ... and much more

Single-component and multi-component corrugated and paperboard end-of-line packaging

SOMIC sets the standard for individual end-of-line packaging machines for confectionery, chocolate, and snacks. Our goal is to ensure your products shine on retail shelves with impeccable packaging solutions. Whether it's single-component or multi-compnent secondary packaging, our innovative machines guarantee optimal protection and presentation without compromising quality.

The flexibility of our packaging machines, facilitated by interchangeable format parts, enables swift format changes as per your requirements. Explore more about our automated packaging solutions below to discover the perfect fit for your needs.

  • single-part cardboard packaging
  • multi-part packaging solutions

We pack a wide variety of pre-packed product

Flat sachets, stand-up pouches

Folded boxes

Wrapped packages

Cans, cups, trays


Safety and quality: packaging machines from SOMIC

For 50 years, SOMIC has embodied expert advice, enduring quality, and unparalleled flexibility. Our packaging machines are crafted to exceed the highest standards, utilizing cutting-edge technology tailored precisely to your product's unique demands.

Whether it's chocolate, sweets, cookies, or potato chips, our machines for confectionery, chocolate, and snacks ensure each product receives optimal outer packaging. This guarantees safe transport and impeccable presentation in retail stores. Investing in SOMIC packaging machines means investing in the future. With maximum efficiency, sustainable solutions, and customizable features, you're equipped to meet market demands confidently.

SOMIC stands as your partner of choice for sustainable and efficient packaging solutions. With advanced technology and high-level expertise, we deliver tailored concepts and solutions that precisely meet your requirements.

Frequently asked questions about packaging machines for confectionery

What automation options are there for the packaging of confectionery?

SOMIC's confectionery packaging machines automate the manual end-of-line packaging process seamlessly. The products are collated, grouped and boxed entirely automatically within our machines. An additional benefit of SOMIC's packaging machines is their highly efficient format changeover. With maximum automation and universal quick-change adapters, all format parts can be switched automatically and safely, without the need for tools. This ensures SOMIC packaging machines achieve optimal efficiency and precision in the packaging process.

What are the advantages of complete solutions from SOMIC confectionery packaging machines?

SOMIC's complete solutions for confectionery packaging machines offer numerous advantages. These include maximum efficiency through maximum automation when changing formats, flexibility through modular design and durable and sustainable machine concepts. In addition, the use of cutting-edge technology guarantees consistently high packaging quality, while the user-friendly operation ensures convenient handling.

For which confectionery products are packaging machines and secondary packaging solutions offered?

SOMIC packaging machines provide packaging solutions for a variety of confectionery products, including:

  • Chocolate products
  • candy
  • cookies
  • snacks
  • bars
  • potato chips
  • And much more.

Can SOMIC packaging machines be seamlessly integrated into the production line for confectionery and snacks?

SOMIC packaging machines are individually tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into existing production lines. This modular design minimizes installation disruptions, typically requiring only fine adjustments post-installation. Furthermore, SOMIC machines are designed with a compact footprint, maximizing space efficiency within production facilities.

Our packaging machines are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of products from the confectionery industry. They allow for flexible grouping of products in vertical, horizontal, and single or multiple row configurations.

SOMIC: Your expert for comprehensive packaging solutions

Whether you want to expand your packaging lines, streamline operations or automate packaging processes, SOMIC is here to assist. We provide comprehensive support in designing, implementing, and refining your packaging needs. Contact our experts for consultation at your convenience.

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