Tray Packer SOMIC 434 T

One-piece, open carton packers for transport and retail presentation

SOMIC packaging machines offer customized solutions for single-piece packaging requirements. The 434 series machines stand for outstanding performance, compact dimensions and remarkable flexibility. All packaging machines are equipped with individually manufactured format tools that are exactly matched to your product shapes and carton models.

Introducing our SOMIC 434.

Trays ensure safe product transportation and offer an attractive presentation at the point of sale. The SOMIC 434 tray packer is specially designed for packing products in one-piece display packs that are open at the top. In the collating and grouping unit, the products are first arranged according to customer requirements. The products are then placed on the flat blank, around which the carton is skillfully folded and glued.

The SOMIC 434 tray packer is ideal for packing a wide range of products, including food, beverages, non-food items and pharmaceuticals. Its modular design and compact footprint allow for seamless integration into existing packaging lines. In addition, our SOMIC packaging machines are highly adaptable and can be configured for different products, formats, groupings and packaging types. Thanks to comprehensive automation and universal QuickChange adapters, format changeovers can be carried out quickly, safely and without tools.

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The following carton types are compatible with the SOMIC 434 tray packer:

  • Open cartons
  • Trays

What does a SOMIC Tray Packer offer?

  • Processing of a diverse range of carton types (solid and corrugated board) and thicknesses (B-, C-, E-flute) 
  • Processing of products in upright or horizontal orientation 
  • Single-row and multi-row format groupings available 
  • Infinite design possibilities for the carton 
  • Resource-saving packaging achieved through optimized carton cutting 
  • Optimal stackability of trays for palletizing, particularly with carton variants featuring support bars 
  • Immediate presentation of cartons on the sales shelf 
  • Visual enhancement options through design with carded edge

Machine process

  1. pre-packed products are fed one by one, collected and grouped to the desired carton content.
  2. the grouping is pushed onto the flat carton blank. In the process, the products are positioned safely and gently by the folding head.
  3. the carton blank is folded around the folding head and glued with hot glue.

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