SOMIC packaging concepts for cardboard end-of-line packaging

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Are you expanding your production, would you like to automate your end-of-line packaging or modernize existing production lines? We focus on your needs and specific packaging requirements right from the start.

Together with you, we analyze the current conditions and circumstances of your production. On this basis, our experts plan the best possible solution for your end-of-line packaging. We remain in close contact with you at all times during the planning and construction phase.

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Together with you, we develop a packaging concept customized to your packaging needs. Your product is always at the focus of our considerations.

As specialists in shelf-ready cardboard packaging, we ensure that your products not only arrive safely at the point of sale, they are also attractively presented to customers. Our advice covers everything from initial planning ideas and recommendations on the composition and design of the carton to the technical solution for the final packaging of your products.

For the following prepacked product forms we offer you the optimal packaging solution

Flat sachets, stand-up pouches

Folded boxes

Wrapped packages

Cans, cups, trays

Jars, bottles, tubes


There are almost no limits arranging your products

Standing upright or lying flat
With upright packaging, the products are placed vertically in the carton. This is a particularly attractive grouping for retail presentation. Products whose shape or structure allow vertical positioning are suitable.

Lying flat:
The lying flat position is often used for more delicate products that cannot stand upright or for which horizontal positioning during transportation is preferred.
Single or multi-row
Single row:
With single-row packaging, the products are arranged in a single row, either vertically or horizontally, depending on requirements. This method is particularly suitable for larger products or those with unusual shapes that cannot be stacked.

With multi-row packaging, the products are arranged in several rows within the carton, either in several layers or in one layer with several rows. This method makes it possible to pack more products in one carton and is particularly suitable for smaller products.
Single or multi-layer
Single layer:
With single-layer packaging, the products are arranged in a single layer within the carton. This method is simple and is well suited to larger products or those that are fragile and need to be protected individually.

With multi-layer packaging, the products are arranged in several layers within the carton. This type of grouping is often used to pack a large number of products in a small space.

The decision for the optimal grouping of your products depends on various factors - including the size, shape and sensitivity of the products as well as efficiency during transportation and storage. It is important to ensure that your products are optimally protected during transportation and can be attractively presented at the Point-of-Sale.

SOMIC end-of-line packaging machines for your products

SOMIC cardboard packaging machines are used worldwide in many industries, such as pre-packaged food, pet food, pharmaceutical and healthcare products, as well as non-food items of all kinds. Together we will find the perfect solution for your packaging requirements.