The driving force behind our machines ∙ Passion for top performance.

Superior Performance

SOMIC packaging machines are distinguished by a combination of precision and performance. Not only is the quantifiable performance important to us but also the quality of your product’s end-of-line packaging:

  • Attractive, perfectly crafted cardboard packaging
  • Precisely folded, perfectly glued and securely sealed
  • Practical solutions for attractive product presentation in store

Our word is our bond ∙ Our promised performance speaks for itself

SOMIC packaging machines’ stable performance is particularly reflected in their long service lives and low maintenance requirement. They also score on their compact design and low power consumption. Thanks to the experience and ambition of our engineers, the individual sequences in the packaging process have been so efficiently devised that even complicated formats can be sorted and grouped without any time being wasted.

Ease of operation ∙ We also focus on your personnel and not just on the machine

Ergonomic operating units, easy machine access and an intuitive touchscreen panel in many different languages make for pleasant, efficient work processes. Our proven SOMIC quick-change technology for fast and reliable format changeovers without the need for external engineers is also instrumental in ensuring seamless operation of our packaging machines. This ease of operation will also motivate your personnel to give a top performance.

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Intelligent Planning

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Attentive Implementation

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Superior Performance