Packaging machines for food

Grocery store shelves now dispay a huge variety of food products. Our food packaging machines lay the foundation for the perfect presentation of your products directly at the point of sale while ensuring safe transport. We design customized packaging machines for all food industries based on your specific needs.

Packaging machines for all sectors of the food industry.

Packaging food: Modular machine solutions with maximum flexibility

Packaging and outer packaging must meet numerous requirements. Our packaging machines for food and non-food products lay the foundation for your success. For 50 years, SOMIC has been developing modular solutions tailored to your specific products.

As specialists in food packaging technology, we provide the ideal solution to package your product in a high-quality, sustainable and safe manner. Different food products - such as confectionery, fresh produce, baked goods, dairy products, long-life foods, frozen foods, coffee, and tea - each have unique packaging requirements.


Due to the modular design, quick format changes are feasible, allowing you to react quickly and cost-effectively to changing market requirements.

The uncomplicated format changeover enables quick adaptation between different formats. In this way, different product groupings and carton variants can be realised on one packaging machine.

With SOMIC at your side, you gain a decisive competitive advantage for your products, ensuring optimal final packaging for both transportability and shop shelf presentation.

Our highly automated and efficient food machine solutions position you economically and future-proof. SOMIC's expertise in system control and automation provides our customers with a significant edge. As a leading food packaging machine manufacturer, we continuously strive to offer solutions that are durable, flexible and efficient.

Your advantages

  • Absolutely gentle product handling ensuring the quality of your products
  • Space-saving compact design 
  • Quick format changeover achieved by SOMIC QuickChange technology 
  • Convenient and user-friendly operation with language-neutral symbols
  • Competent after-sales service
  • High efficiency and long service life

Your pre-packed products

  • Sachets and stand-up pouches
  • Folded boxes
  • Cans, cups and trays
  • Blisters, thermoformed packs and capsules
  • Jars, bottles and tubes

Machine solutions for single-component and multi-component packaging

SOMIC provides tailored machine solutions for single-component and multi-component end-of-line packaging. Whether you need a food packaging machine capable of producing open trays, wraparound cases or multi-component carton or corrugated packs, our machines are equipped with customized format tools to meet your specific grouping requirements.

With SOMIC food machine solutions, you can package products from all food sectors to your exact specifications and industry standards.

  • Single-component corrugated or paperboard packaging
  • Multi-component corrugated or paperboard packaging

We pack a wide variety of pre-packed products

Flat sachets, stand-up pouches

Folded boxes

Wrapped packages

Cans, cups, trays

Jars, bottles, tubes


Our focus on transport safety and attractive product presentation

Food packaging presents a delicate balance of food safety, stability, sustainability, shelf life, and marketing appeal. At SOMIC, we specialize in delivering expert solutions for achieving the ideal final packaging for your products. Our food packaging machines are designed to handle various material thicknesses and types, including B flute, C flute, and solid paperboard.

We are confident in our ability to find the perfect packaging solution for your product. Efficiency in material consumption and sustainable machine practices are integral to our approach, while meeting all requirements for marketing, safety, and transportability. Our machines ensure both investment security and future viability.

As sustainable packaging solutions continue to grow in importance, it is crucial for every food manufacturer to plan ahead. With SOMIC's modern packaging machines, you are well-equipped for the future. We guarantee it!

Questions & Answers

For which foods are packaging solutions offered?

SOMIC packaging machines cater to a wide range of sectors within the food industry, including:

  • Dairy products
  • Delicatessen & Convenience foods
  • Meat, Sausage & Fish
  • Coffee, Cocoa & Tea
  • Confectionery, chocolate & snacks
  • Dry products

Our machines feature a flexible design and are individually tailored to accommodate nearly all products from the food industry. They allow for versatile packaging configurations, including vertical and horizontal arrangements, as well as single or multiple rows.

What outer packaging is used in the food industry?

We provide the perfect final packaging solution for your pre-packaged products. Our packaging machines consider every critical aspect essential for your product's success - from ensuring safe transport and gentle storage to presenting your product attractively at the point of sale. Choose from a variety of corrugated and paperboard options tailored to meet your needs:

  • Open trays
  • Wraparound cases
  • Display packaging
  • Multi-component packaging

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