The right collating and grouping system for your products

Product grouping at SOMIC - traditional mechanical or revolutionary floating

SOMIC offers you optimal solutions for your individual packaging requirements. In order to pack products reliably and efficiently in individual cartons, collating and grouping systems ensure the correct pick-up, reorientation and grouping of the products. In addition to the proven SOMIC Lamella Chain, a new trend-setting technology is available for our new SOMIC 434 - SOMIC CORAS.

The SOMIC Lamella Chain for Proven High Performance

Our lamella chain reliably and highly efficiently ensures the pick-up, reorientation and grouping of your products prior to cartoning. As a high-performance solution, the module is the first choice for very large quantities and products with higher weights.

Thanks to flexible drive concepts, the lamella chain can be perfectly adapted to the geometry and performance requirements of your individual packaging task. Its tool-less format changeover system allows you to switch between upright and horizontal grouping tasks in a matter of minutes. The robust design of the components ensures an incomparable longevity of the system through maximum stability.

SOMIC CORAS - trend-setting through planar technology

SOMIC CORAS (Carrier-based Orientation Rotation Arrangement System) is a new, revolutionary product handling or collating and grouping system that uses multi-dimensionally controllable magnetic levitation technology to give you almost unlimited options for mixing, sorting and grouping your products.

The system is characterized by the following outstanding features:

  • Powerful high-speed application
  • Maximum flexibility for individual requirements
  • Gentle handling of products
  • Low-maintenance or wear-free operation
  • Space-saving overall design
  • High energy efficiency

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