Somic’s PACK Expo retail-ready display provides productivity advantages and more

Somic’s PACK Expo retail-ready display provides productivity advantages and more

Bensenville, IL – September 14, 2017 – Manufacturers of retail food, beverage and
consumer goods products attending PACK Expo 2017 will find a cost-effective
productivity edge and other advantages by visiting the Somic America, Inc. booth
(S8468). The September 25-27 event will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The 424 T2 (D) retail-ready case packer is one of many automated systems Somic America, Inc. (booth S8468) has to offer.

Somic’s 424 T2 (D) multi-purpose, retail-ready case packer system is one example used
by worldwide brands that is producing impressive results and extraordinary savings. It
forms and loads soft or flexible products into a tight, condensed package, triggering a
cost savings of 27 cents per carton for a corrugated customer. Somic’s booth will feature
samples created by this machine, in addition to videos and a demonstration area.

“Manufacturers are turning to more sophisticated systems to eliminate excessive and
redundant costs inside their operations. The advances in end-of- line packaging
machinery, combined with improved corrugated printing technologies, makes Somic
retail-ready equipment an attractive and viable solution,” says Peter Fox, Vice President
of Sales.

“We give customers the ability to produce retail-ready packages with perfect
repeatability. Our systems address the retailer’s concern to reduce labor costs for
restocking and maintaining shelf stock. The 424 T2 (D) assembles these packages by
tightly collating, grouping and packaging products in open display trays, or trays with
covers and wraparound cases.”

Fox said Somic’s high performance systems also are very fast. Utilizing decentralized
servo drives, the 424 T2 (D) can collate 600 products per minute depending on the size
of the items, and will carton up to 35 cases in the same amount of time. It can be fitted

with individual format tools for a wide range of product dimensions, and Fox indicated
there are other benefits.

“Space-saving features for our manufacturing customers result in a positive, bottom line
impact,” he said. “With the compact footprint of Somic modular systems, the handling of
the product and space requirements is significantly smaller. The forming cassette
reduces the amount of space for separate case or tray erecting prior to product loading,
compared to a pick-and- place system. By linking the functional groups throughout the
packaging process, it delivers better line efficiencies and greater uptime.”

Fox said samples from The Hershey Company, General Mills, Brookside and others will
be on display at PACK Expo. To demonstrate the versatility of the 424 T2 (D) and
additional Somic systems, samples will include coffee, cereal, flour, jam, noodles and
others. A video demonstration will be shown and explained by Somic personnel.

“We have worked with multiple industries and some customers developed their own
patented package that Somic has assembled on a customized machine,” summed up
Fox. “Customers experience a direct cost savings when they switch to our systems. I’m
looking forward to explaining to PACK Expo attendees how we can do the same and be
successful for their company.”