SOMIC set to take Retail Ready Packaging to the next level at PACK Expo Las Vegas

September 7, 2021 – SOMIC America has become the leading company for innovative two-piece, Retail-Ready display packaging machines since the last live PACK Expo event was held two years ago. And it will be strikingly clear to attendees when they see the newest version of the SOMIC ReadyPack demonstrated in booth SL 6460 at PACK Expo Las Vegas, September 27-29 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A new booth design will greet visitors who can watch the ReadyPack in action as it runs GOYA Foods products packed in stand-up pouches. Peter Fox, SOMIC’s Senior Vice President of Sales, says the market for the middle speed machine is completely different than when it was introduced at PACK Expo two years ago.

“We are looking forward to getting back in front of the crowds at PACK Expo and running products on the ReadyPack. It was a really electric atmosphere here last time and I expect there will be a lot of energy and excitement all three days of this show,” he said. “What’s different for us now is our customers understand that with Retail-Ready packaging, shelf presentation means everything. They tested the waters with ReadyPack and found success with a flexible, entry level and very user-friendly machine.”

The compact, fully automated machine – which requires only 70 square-feet of floor space – is available as a tray or wraparound packer. ReadyPack collates, cartons and closes like SOMIC’s proprietary 424 series, but it is intentionally designed to produce at slower rates with output up to 160 products per minute. Carton capacity reaches 18 units per minute as a tray packer or 12 as a wraparound, which Fox says makes it a good choice for today’s world.

“The number of different products and packaging tasks for food, non-food, healthcare and other markets continues to grow. It’s a much larger universe since PACK Expo Las Vegas took place in 2019,” he indicated. “Combine these developments with the current labor shortage many manufacturers are experiencing with a lack of skilled workers, and the need for a cost-effective case packer like ReadyPack or a custom built 424 model is greater than ever before.”

Demand for an automated SOMIC machine has grown with expansion into new markets. For example, consumers have increased their appetite for snack bars over the past year during the COVID pandemic, raising market share from 5-10% in Germany. SOMIC developed the SSL 800 bar machine to satisfy the need for a high performance, continuous motion cartoning system.

The ReadyPack that will be demonstrated in Las Vegas will pack stand-up pouches, but Fox says each SOMIC machine is designed with more in mind.

“Versatility is our hallmark and all of our end-of-line machines have the flexibility to present the product lying flat or in an upright position. Our ReadyPack customers have been running a variety of flowpacks, rigid bottles and jars with solid results. I think people who see how smoothly it operates and handles the GOYA products will be impressed.”

Retail-Ready Magazine is the perfect reading material for Pack Expo 2021! Read the magazine.
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About SOMIC America Inc.
With over 40 years of experience, Minnesota-based Somic America Inc. offers design support for cartons, retail-ready and wraparound cases. Many international packaging brands use Somic’s advanced mechatronic systems to collate, group and pack open trays, wraparound cases, trays with covers or lid inserts and paperboard cartons. The Parts & Service department is responsible for installation, training and more. Visit www.somic.usfor more information or call 651-419-6050.

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