SOMIC America views PACK EXPO East as new opportunity for end-of-line packaging buyers

SOMIC America views PACK EXPO East as new opportunity for end-of-line packaging buyers

February 20, 2020 – Peter Fox senses there is an untapped opportunity on the horizon at this year’s PACK EXPO East. That’s why the Vice President of Sales for SOMIC America (booth 628) is having the company exhibit for the first time and will explain the potential of its high end, retail-ready packaging capabilities, March 3-5 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

SOMIC increased the design and manufacturing of its end-of-line packaging machinery, leading to double digital sales growth in the last three years. The company introduced new machines at each of the last two PACK EXPO shows in Chicago and Las Vegas, including the SOMIC-FLEXX III and the SOMIC ReadyPack. The reception those products received, combined with other developments, leave Fox optimistic for what lies ahead at PACK EXPO East.

“There are manufacturers from the eastern seaboard and northeast markets who are looking for a flexible, retail-ready packaging machine. Our goal is to educate them about SOMIC and our 424 T2 (D) mechatronic, end-of-line packaging system,” said Fox.

“One thing we learned from our customer base was they did not know about us earlier. That’s one reason why we hired Tim Howell as our east coast sales manager last August. Another is we are especially interested in the broader consumer products arena. There are many industries that can benefit from our unique system which combines high levels of finished packaging quality, a small footprint and terrific versatility for retail-ready packaging.”

PACK EXPO East visitors to the SOMIC booth will learn about the popular and successful 424 T2 (D) multi-purpose, retail-ready case packer system, and how it serves as a bridge to the newer SOMIC-FLEXX III and ReadyPack machines. It has the capability to collate up to 600 products and carton up to 35 cases per minute in open display trays, or trays with covers and wraparound cases.

The high performance of the SOMIC-FLEXX III is a result of decentralized servo drives and the newest technology of Rockwell International industrial automation. It packs primary packages in a flat, nested position or a standing display orientation at incredibly fast speeds.

At the other end of the spectrum is the entry-level SOMIC ReadyPack, which is a smaller format version of the 424 T2 (D). A customized solution with greater affordability, it produces at slower per minute speeds; with a collating capacity of 160 products, it can case up to 18 packaged units as a tray packer or 12 as a wraparound model.

“We are looking for customers who require high end performance and finished package quality,” sums up Fox. “Many, including those demanded by confection and consumer products, are looking for solutions to their end-of-line challenges. Our machines are for the uncompromising clients where good enough is simply not good enough.”

Fox welcomes all interested attendees to talk with him and Howell in booth 628. For those not attending, visit www.somic.usfor more information.