Retail-ready packaging machines drive PACK Expo traffic for Somic America

Retail-ready packaging machines drive PACK Expo traffic for Somic America

Bensenville, IL – October 12, 2017 – A large turnout at PACK Expo 2017 in Las Vegas
led crowds to the Somic America, Inc. booth and talks about the retail-ready packaging
machines currently employed by manufacturers across many industries. When the three-
day event concluded on Sept. 27, Peter Fox, Somic’s VP of Sales, was convinced he
would continue discussions with show visitors in the coming weeks.

“It was slow for the first hour on day one, but we figured it would take a little time for
people to make it to the back row in the South Hall,” confirmed Fox. “Once they arrived
the aisle was packed, especially on Tuesday and for most of Wednesday. It was great to
see the crowds and the conversations went as well as possible. The people we spoke
with were well prepared and informed, and they asked some great questions.”

The Somic America Inc. booth was a busy place with manufacturers learning more about the 424 T2 (D) retail-ready case packer system.

The majority of those questions revolved around the Somic 424 T2 (D) multi-purpose
case packer system. It is being employed in different variations with retail, food and
beverage and consumer goods manufacturers throughout North America. Having the
capability to form and load soft and flexible products in a quick and precise manner is
paying dividends several ways, says Fox.

“There are many upsides to the 424 T2 (D). It begins with each machine being
completely custom built to a manufacturer’s specifications,” he said. “Products that can
be sorted tightly into a condensed package have a tremendous impact on the bottom
line, ranging from space saving considerations to less freight costs. With our machines,
a manufacturer has the ability to take advantage of designing and adding the number of
inserts and formats that best suits their needs.”

Fox said the speed in which the 424 T2 (D) assembles packages is always a major
consideration and part of every discussion he has with retailers and manufacturers.

“The speed of our machines was a hot topic at PACK Expo,” he said. “The 424 T2 (D)
groups and packages products in open display trays, trays with covers and wraparound
cases very quickly. Depending on the size of the products, it can collate 600 products
per minute and carton up to 35 cases, which is very impressive and makes it an
impressive solution.”

Fox said other prime considerations include the compact footprint of the 424 T2 (D) and
other Somic machines, a major advantage compared to pick-and- place systems.

“Smaller is good and eliminates wasted space. Our forming cassette reduces the
amount of space for separate case or tray erecting prior to product loading. By linking
the functional groups throughout the packaging process, it delivers better line
efficiencies and greater uptime.”

Somic America will exhibit at PACK Expo 2018 in Chicago, scheduled for October 14-17.