Cartoner SOMIC ReadyPack · Your Gateway to fully automated end-of-line packaging

Rapid and cost-effective cartoning solution for standard packaging tasks

Introducing our SOMIC ReadyPack, the optimal packaging solution for streamlining your entry into automated end-of-line packaging. Engineered for one-piece carton packaging, this compact machine accommodates pre-packed items across diverse industries including food, pet care, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, and non-food sectors. Perfect for businesses transitioning from manual to automated carton packaging, this entry-level model offers versatility and efficiency. Our versatile all-in-one solution effortlessly handles standard packaging tasks, serving as both a tray packer and a wraparound packer for one-piece packaging needs.

The benefits of the SOMIC ReadyPack

Discover the SOMIC ReadyPack. An innovative packaging solution that meets all your requirements for efficiency, reliability and quality. The advantages of the packaging machine at a glance:

  • Cost-effective and quicker ROI
  • Fast delivery and on-site installation
  • Minimised error rate and lower personnel costs (compared to manual packaging)
  • High efficiency paired with a low space requirement
  • Proven SOMIC quality: no compromises in control, operation, format changeover, technical availability and safety

Streamline Your Packaging Process with Ease

The SOMIC ReadyPack for collating, grouping and packaging products in

  • Open cartons
  • Trays
  • Wraparound cartons
  • Folding cartons
  • Display cartons

Machine process of the SOMIC ReadyPack cartoning machine

  1. Pre-packed products are fed separately and grouped into case contents.
  2. The grouping is positioned on the flat case blank.
  3. The case blank is folded around the entire grouping and secured with hot glue.
  4. With the wraparound packer model, the top flap is folded and closed.

Compact, Versatile, and Ready to Deploy: Trusted SOMIC Quality

The SOMIC ReadyPack stands out as a compact cartoner, making it an ideal choice for space-conscious environments and short-term or temporary productions. In the tray packer version, the SOMIC ReadyPack can be expanded to a wraparound packer at a later date if required, thus reliably solving all standard packaging tasks in proven SOMIC quality. Flexibility is key, with the ability to efficiently pack various products within the specified format range using a single system. Thanks to the innovative SOMIC QuickChange system, switching between formats is effortless and secure, ensuring that diverse packaging requirements are effortlessly met.

Innovative packaging solutions - cartoning machines reduced to the maximum

At SOMIC, our primary focus is always on you—the customer—and your unique tasks and needs. We understand that in certain scenarios, achieving an optimal end-of-line packaging process and rapid return on investment take precedence over maximizing packaging performance. That's why we've developed the SOMIC ReadyPack specifically for such applications. This solution can be tailored to your exact requirements and is readily available at a price point that fits your budget.

Question and answers

Which products can be packed with the SOMIC ReadyPack?

The SOMIC ReadyPack accommodates a diverse array of products spanning various industries. From food and non-food items to pharmaceuticals, and even pet food, our cartoner is versatile. Whether it's flour, muesli, snacks, meat and sausage products, baked goods, and beyond, our cartoner not only enhances packaging speed but also ensures a seamless packaging process, regardless of your product type.

For what pre-packaged items is the SOMIC ReadyPack suitable?

The SOMIC ReadyPack is compatible with a broad spectrum of pre-packaged products that are packaged upright in cartons. From bags and stand-up pouches to thermoformed packs, folding cartons, tubes, bottles, jars, and cans, our cartoner offers versatility to accommodate various packaging formats with ease.

How are the products grouped in the cartons?

With the SOMIC ReadyPack, your products are packed upright in open cartons, trays, wraparound cartons, folding cartons, or display cartons. Depending on the size of your products, they can be grouped in single rows or multiple rows within the allowed format range. For precise details on format ranges and product dimensions, refer to our datasheet.

Individual support for your success

At SOMIC, the focus is on you. Our experts support you in the selection and configuration of your ReadyPack to ensure that it fits your requirements perfectly. From order clarification to commissioning, we ensure transparency and optimal starting conditions so that you can automate the manufacture of your products and your processes quickly and smoothly. Ready to take the next step in automating your packaging processes? Contact us today and find out how SOMIC ReadyPack can make your production highly profitable!