Somic’s end-of- line packaging technology meets retail-ready market demands

Somic’s end-of- line packaging technology meets retail-ready market demands

Somic’s 424 T2 (D) multi-purpose case packing system.

Bensenville, IL – August 31, 2017 – As companies ramp up their research ahead of the
upcoming PACK Expo 2017 in Las Vegas, Somic America, Inc. is busy on several fronts
prior to welcoming visitors to booth S8468 at the September 25-27 show. Preparing to
showcase exceptional end-of- line packaging options, Somic’s retail-ready machines are
helping North American customers keep up with product demands.

The manufacturer of innovative systems, with a Chicago area parts and service center,
combines ingenuity and engineering excellence for faster, more flexible solutions of
precise, retail-ready packaging with perfect repeatability. Peter Fox, Somic’s Vice
President of Sales, says the myth that tray cover packaging is more expensive than
traditional tear open single-piece designs is not true.

“This is not always the case. Using our partial cover designs or inserts can either save
on material consumption or costs. If a one-piece is selected, the entire blank requires
costlier graphics and board consumption. With a two-piece, the display component can,
for example, use a mottled white board to leverage better printing capabilities. The cover
or structural component can be standard Kraft board. This way, it saves on overall costs
while improving the no tear shelf appearance of the package.”

The automation available with Somic mechatronic systems is unmatchable and the
result of outstanding technological advancements and software improvements. Fox said
the Somic 424 T2 (D) multi-purpose case packer is a good example. It allows customers
to pack products in a standard wraparound case, the popular tray cover and retail-ready
case, all on one machine.

“The Somic 424 has truly evolved, with the latest computer technology embodying the
perfect orchestration of mechanical and electrical control systems,” explains Fox. “We
have leveraged this technology by delivering an intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI)
to make it easy for operators to understand the functionality of a sophisticated system.
These advancements are why the Somic line is a favorite with machine operators.”

The 424 T2 (D) is employed at major North American corporations that utilize it for global
distribution and take advantage of other substantial benefits. In addition to high
performance, Fox said there is favorable space saving and multiple cost reductions.

“The handling of the product and the space required is dramatically smaller due to the
compact nature of our modular systems,” informed Fox. “The presentation of grouped or
collated product into a Somic forming cassette enables it to be tightly packed compared
to a pick-and- place system. This reduces space requirements and results in better line
efficiencies and greater uptime.”

Fox added the 424 T2 (D), which is capable of collating 600 products per minute and
can carton up to 35 cases in the same amount of time, goes a step further with cost

“The manpower and transportation savings are significant. This system requires one
machine operator to replenish tray and cover blanks into the machine magazines.
Previously, no fewer than five people managed the hand loading, case erecting and
assembly,” informed Fox.

“A corrugated customer saved 27 cents per carton when switching to the 424 T2 (D)
system. This includes savings on inbound freight due to the smaller blank sizes of flat
packaging compared to half slotted carton (HSC) cases. The finished case is 1/4-inch
shorter with the material flap reductions on top and bottom. Plus, they saved more than
20 x 15 feet of floor space, which was previously used for HSC case erecting and
manual assembly.”

Learn more about Somic’s systems by visiting booth S8468 at PACK Expo in Las Vegas.