SOMIC America prepares for first time exhibition at PACK EXPO East

SOMIC America prepares for first time exhibition at PACK EXPO East

January 16, 2020 – Manufacturers of retail, food and beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical and other such type products can expect to find a flexible, end-of-line retail-ready packaging machine to fit their needs when SOMIC America exhibits for the first time at PACK EXPO East (booth 628), March 3-5 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

SOMIC has introduced at the last PACK EXPO events held in Chicago and Las Vegas two new machines that originated from the popular and successful 424 T2 (D) multi-purpose, retail-ready case packer system. SOMIC officials will explain how Fortune 500 worldwide brands and others are achieving impressive results and extraordinary savings from this machine, in addition to the newer SOMIC-FLEXX III and ReadyPack.

A high performance and fast system utilizing decentralized servo drives, the 424 T2 (D) can collate up to 600 products per minute depending on the size of the items. It can carton up to 35 cases in the same amount of time. With the flexibility to assemble it with individual format tools for a wide range or product dimensions, the 424 T2 (D) can collate, group and package products in open display trays, or trays with covers and wraparound cases.

The SOMIC-FLEXX III is a new concept combining the ability to pack primary packages in a flat, nested position or a standing display orientation at fast speeds using the latest generation of industrial automation from Rockwell International.

The SOMIC-FLEXX III is designed for both single and multi-component packaging; one-piece corrugated blanks for standard wraparound shipping cases and as a two-piece tray hood for retail-ready presentations. Thus, stand-up pouches, flow packs, rigid containers and other items can be collated, grouped and packed in a variety of formats, giving the manufacturer any number of options.

The SOMIC ReadyPack is a smaller format version of the 424 T2 (D). A customized solution for shelf-ready packages with user-friendly capabilities and greater affordability, it is an excellent entry-level case packing system equipped with Rockwell Automation. ReadyPack collates, cartons and closes like the others but operates at a slower pace by design. With a collating capacity of 160 products per minute, it will case up to 18 packaged units per minute as a tray packer and 12 per minute as a wraparound model.

Learn more about all three of these machines by stopping by booth 628 and speaking with a SOMIC representative. For more information, visit